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Yoga for Beginners

Joanna Juneja

Joanna Juneja will be offering a new weekly class, beginning Wednesday 4 November, for six weeks, to learn the fundamentals of yoga. By attending these classes you will have the knowledge and confidence to join a mixed level yoga class, understanding the postures and modifications that are available to you.

Yoga is not a competition. No grades are given. No one wins or loses. We practice progress, not perfection. Yoga is a journey.

Each class is a complete experience, but the six classes work together and build on one another as well. The focus will be on breath, flow and technique. These will all be blended by the end of the course.

Class 1 :

The main foundational focus in class one is Ujai Breathing, Bhandas and Finding our Stride in the foundational standing poses.

Class 2:

We are going to break down the styles of lunges in sun salutations:

Anjaneyasana Lunge, Crescent Lunge, and Simple Low Lunge.

We will explore more technique behind stepping forward and backward.

We will also go into more details about downward dog.

Class 3:

We will continue working on the rhythm and sound of the breath, salutations with lunges and transitions to the floor.

We will continue to work on our salutations and breath and begin to add lunges to transition into our standing poses.

We will reinforce our understanding of the spacing of the hands and feet in different poses and continue refining our lunging transitions.

We will work on Chaturanga Dandasana.

Class 4:

Our concentration this week will be on

Twisting and balancing, Heart-openers and back bending

Class 5:

We will complete a hatha sequence including all the poses we have now learnt.

We will practice the standing poses, forward bends, inversions, backbend, twists, arm balances, all whilst using the breath in flow with the body’s movement.

We will be learning how to use our body, not just force it into shapes.

Class 6:

Combining everything we have learnt over the course into a Hatha Sequence using both flow, breath and proper alignment.

We will revise the modifications available for you to use in poses so that you can have access to everything in class.

We will have a Q&A so we can go into more detail for anyone that has further questions or queries.

If you would like to book this class click here to register…




Hindhead Health Private GP Practice join London Road Clinic

Hindhead Health, will now be based at London Road Health & Fitness in Hindhead, offering a private general practice service.

Dr Susie Cooper and Dr Joanna Hobbs are two local GPs, with over 50 years medical experience between them, who believe in preventative healthcare without the rush, delivered in a way that suits you.

Their personalised service gives you continuity of care and flexible medical appointments at London Road or at home for all your health care needs.

Dr Joanna Hobbs has experience in psychiatry including old age psychiatry as well as all aspects of women’s health including family planning and the menopause.

Dr Susie Cooper has experience in general medicine, rheumatology, musculoskeletal and sports and exercise medicine and is keen to keep you exercising and eating healthily! She works closely with physiotherapists to make sure you can maximise your potential.

All bookings should be made through their website


The Studio is open – how will it work?

We are delighted to re-open The Studio for classes – please follow the guidelines below to keep us all safe!

Please book your sessions on MINDBODY or through the website class schedule

Class spaces will be limited to 8

Please bring your own mat to place on top of our mats – please DO NOT move the mats as they are spaced according to distancing guidelines.

Our mats will be sanitised after each class.

Soft cushion blocks will not be in use as they cannot be wiped – we are offering our stock to buy second hand or can send you a link to buy your own. Please e-mail us.

Doors will open 5 mins before the class start time – please queue outside appropriately distanced.

There will be touch free sanitising gel at the door, please clean your hands and go directly into the studio.

Please enter one at a time and go directly to your mat and stay on it!

There will be no ‘hands-on’ corrections during the class but lots of verbal cues.

When the class is over please leave through the studio doors and clean your hands on the way out using the dispenser located at the studio exit.

Unfortunately refreshments and the changing/WC facilities will not be in use for the time being.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Lizelle and the LRH&F Team


Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

It is very difficult in these uncertain times to be entirely sure how to best manage the situation and follow expert advice.

I am determined to follow the advice given by the UK government as well as the World Health Organisation on the latest measures required to keep us all safe and prevent this crisis from escalating.

After the latest update this evening, I am very sorry to announce that we will not be running any classes for senior citizens until further notice. For the sake of clarity, all clients over the age of 70 are strongly advised not to attend any group classes. The class for seniors on a Tuesday morning will be cancelled as from next week.

As before, if yourself or a family member are displaying either symptoms:

Persistent coughing or

Raised temperature

PLEASE stay at home and isolate yourself and your immediate family members for 14 days.

The studio will remain open BUT class sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 6 participants per class. More classes will be added to accommodate the demand if necessary. Class times may change a little to accommodate the numbers. This will require quite bit of organisation so please do make sure you let us know or ‘early cancel’ out of the classes if you are unable to attend.

There will be a 15 minute ‘break’ between each class to ensure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned.

No foam blocks will be used – if you require cushioning under your head or knees please bring a rolled towel/blanket/cushion for your personal use.

All participants will be asked to wash their hands before and after each class. Please leave enough time before the start of class so all classes can still run on time.

If you would like to continue your practice but wish to stay at home online videos will be made available soon.

Some instructors may be able to offer home sessions, please do get in touch if you are interested for us to make the necessary arrangements.

The physiotherapy practice will remain open for business as usual but strict protocol will be followed. There shall be no couch covers and could we please ask that you bring your own towel/blanket to be covered and a pillow case.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and patience during these difficult times. Lets hope and pray we can all be back to normal as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please take great care of yourselves and your families.

Kind Regards,

Lizelle and the London Road Team


The Studio at London Road Health & Fitness is officially open!

We are so excited to announce the official opening of our new studio at 23–25 London Road, Hindhead!

We can now offer a wider range of classes: Pilates (Mat, Reformer and Springboard classes) and yoga (Hatha, Restorative, Anusara, Fitness Flow); catering for all levels of fitness. As you know all our instructors hold the highest level of certification to ensure you are in good hands; paying careful attention to precision and alignment to ensure the very best results in creating length, tone and strength.

Don’t forget regular Pilates and yoga practice is well known to prevent injury, improve performance, flexibility and general well being. The fully equipped studio provides a wide range of props to add variety and fun to every workout.

The Studio at London Road will complement our existing practice London Road Health & Fitness at 15 London Road, Hindhead. The team there offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments, sports massage, lower back rehabilitation and sports therapy.

“We cannot wait to welcome both new and existing clients to enjoy everything the new studio has to offer. Come and try something new, we would love to show you around!”



The new website is live!

As ever, first of all, thank you for your custom and support.  We love what we do and it’s made even better by lovely clients working with us to achieve their goals. We are very much looking forward to the new term, there is lots on offer so please do make sure you are signed up to our news letter to avoid missing out. We are now an official supplier of the Bare Foot Science strengthening programme.  These dynamic orthotics have been proven to not only reduce foot and knee pain, but clients have also noticed a huge improvement in balance and proprioception. Our new reformers with jumpboards are very popular and we are very happy to announce 2 new classes.  A beginners class on a Saturday at 9.30 am and an evening class on Wednesdays at 6.00pm.  Please contact us for more details or have a look on the website and MindBody app.

From September I’ll be available on Monday afternoons 2-4pm for 1:1 Reformer sessions.  These sessions are great if you would like a rehab based clinical pilates session to work on specific areas or towards a specific personal goal.  30 minute ‘taster’ sessions are also available, great if you are new to the reformer.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

My mat classes will include ‘reformer on the mat’ sessions working with special resistance bands to simulate the machine.

We are also offering 50% off your FIRST sports massage with Marketa or Ross during September.  Book early to avoid disappointment!

All physiotherapy sessions are available to book online now, for your convenience.

Please take a look at our ‘meet the team’ page.  Our therapists/instructors have many specialities suitable to your needs.

Like us on Facebook and follow our Instagram for motivation, offers and info!

See you soon!