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Yoga for Beginners

Joanna Juneja

Joanna Juneja will be offering a new weekly class, beginning Wednesday 4 November, for six weeks, to learn the fundamentals of yoga. By attending these classes you will have the knowledge and confidence to join a mixed level yoga class, understanding the postures and modifications that are available to you.

Yoga is not a competition. No grades are given. No one wins or loses. We practice progress, not perfection. Yoga is a journey.

Each class is a complete experience, but the six classes work together and build on one another as well. The focus will be on breath, flow and technique. These will all be blended by the end of the course.

Class 1 :

The main foundational focus in class one is Ujai Breathing, Bhandas and Finding our Stride in the foundational standing poses.

Class 2:

We are going to break down the styles of lunges in sun salutations:

Anjaneyasana Lunge, Crescent Lunge, and Simple Low Lunge.

We will explore more technique behind stepping forward and backward.

We will also go into more details about downward dog.

Class 3:

We will continue working on the rhythm and sound of the breath, salutations with lunges and transitions to the floor.

We will continue to work on our salutations and breath and begin to add lunges to transition into our standing poses.

We will reinforce our understanding of the spacing of the hands and feet in different poses and continue refining our lunging transitions.

We will work on Chaturanga Dandasana.

Class 4:

Our concentration this week will be on

Twisting and balancing, Heart-openers and back bending

Class 5:

We will complete a hatha sequence including all the poses we have now learnt.

We will practice the standing poses, forward bends, inversions, backbend, twists, arm balances, all whilst using the breath in flow with the body’s movement.

We will be learning how to use our body, not just force it into shapes.

Class 6:

Combining everything we have learnt over the course into a Hatha Sequence using both flow, breath and proper alignment.

We will revise the modifications available for you to use in poses so that you can have access to everything in class.

We will have a Q&A so we can go into more detail for anyone that has further questions or queries.

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